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There are so many reasons to spay or neuter your pet, all of them good. First, while numbers of unwanted, homeless companion animals euthanized each year has dropped, there are still nearly three million healthy dogs and cats put to sleep annually for lack of homes. Pet Spay Neuter Orlando services reduce those numbers by eliminating unwanted or “oops” litters. Neutering also eliminates the urge to roam in search of mates, fights over mates and territory, and prevents a number of health problems, such as prostate, uterine or ovarian cancers.

Pet Spay Neuter Orlando

Did You Know That Pet Spay / Neuter Services...

  • Help to prevent different types of cancer
  • Help to prevent aggression
  • Help to prevent "roaming" throughout your neighborhood.
  • Prevent unwanted litters.

A Pet Spay Neuter Orlando Process You Can Trust

While all surgical procedures have some risks, vets do so many spay/neuter procedures that they generally have the process down to an art, and complications are rare. It can be safe and reasonable to neuter a puppy or kitten at just a few months old, long before the first heat, and, contrary to old wives’ tales, there is no benefit to letting a female have a heat cycle before spaying. The fewer hormones running through the system, the better everyone feels.

Orlando's Trusted Pet Spay-Neuter Service

Some issues can arise with some animals, such as snub-nosed dogs, like pugs and French bulldogs; they may need a different anesthetic and longer time on a breathing tube for the best outcome. Your vet will be happy to discuss this with you so you can be sure to do what’s best for your pet. After surgery, your dog will come home to recover. You’ll have to administer pain medications and antibiotics for a day or two, and give your pet a comfortable place to rest and heal. Usually, if there have been no complications, she’ll be ready to be up and back to normal in just a couple of days.

Surgery may sound a little scary, but in the long run it’s the best, healthiest thing you can do to ensure your pet’s long-term health and happiness. For all he gives you, it’s worth it.

Comprehensive Orlando Veterinary Services

Michigan St. Animal Hospital offers a wide variety of Veterinary Services from Pet Vaccinations Orlando to Pet Dentistry Orlando procedures. Michigan St. Animal Hospital also offers one of the least painful Cat Declawing Orlando services getting your feline friend back to normal in no time at all. Looking to stay on top of your Pet Vaccinations Orlando services? Look no more, we are happy to list all of your pet's upcoming vaccinations to help you keep them up to date. All of these services and more make Michigan St. Animal Hospital one of the Best Vets Orlando has to offer & one of the best Low Cost Vets In Orlando. Contact us today to schedule your first appointment!

    Client Testimonials

    I was recommended to Dr. Mansour by a co-worker who’s gone to him for over 20 years. I absolutely love this doctor and his staff. Dr. Mansour is so caring and even called me at home to check-up on my “Baby” Buster. I commute 30 miles each way to have my dog treated there and this hospital is worth the trip.

    We have taken our pets to them for over 15 years. They have always done well by us. My husband had to put down his dog and Dr. Mansour stayed with him almost all day to comfort him.

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