Orlando Declawing Services

The primary objective of our Cat Declawing Orlando services is to remove the nails on the front paws of your pet. Cats tend to scratch for a wide variety of reasons from marking territory, mount themselves for stretching, nail husking, & more. The procedure is best received by young cats who have the ability to heal fast & have a low incidence of infection or other complications. As a cat matures, the declaw procedure can cause them to develop aggression or cause difficulty in handling.

Cat Declawing Orlando Services

Orlando Cat Declawing Can:

  • Help A Damaged Claw Or Infected Claw
  • Prevent Furniture & Other Assets From Being Damaged
  • Make A Safer Household For Children
  • & More!

Declawing The Front Paws

Cats generally use their front claws only to scratch furniture, mount themselves for stretching, defend against perceived danger, etc. The cat usually uses its back paws scratching itself & agility, so this is why most veterinary offices will only declaw the front paws. We will, however, declaw the cat's back paws upon request. Our Cat Declawing Orlando services can be done in combination with our spay or neuter services to help your cat from becoming stressed due to multiple procedures on different days. We have countless years of experience in declawing cats, making it a low-risk procedure & a simple process for the pet owner, but we approach every procedure with the attention it deserves to keep your pet safe.

Cat Declawing Is An Overnight Procedure

Cat Declawing is a surgical procedure that requires an overnight stay for pain injection & observation in addition to antibiotic distribution. The cat is usually walking within an hour post surgery. On Day 2, we administer the second antibiotic and monitor your cat. We then make a decision on if your cat is ready to be picked up and brought home.

Comprehensive Orlando Veterinary Services

Michigan St. Animal Hospital offers a wide variety of Veterinary Services from Pet Vaccinations Orlando to Pet Spay Neuter Orlando. Dr. Mansour is a well-known & trusted veterinary professional with a solid reputation for maintaining hundreds of Pet Dentistry Orlando procedures. Looking to stay on top of your Pet Vaccinations Orlando services? Look no more, we are happy to list all of your pet's upcoming vaccinations to help you keep them up to date. All of these services and more make Michigan St. Animal Hospital one of the Best Vets Orlando has to offer & one of the best Low Cost Vets In Orlando. Contact us today to schedule your first appointment!

Client Testimonials

I was recommended to Dr. Mansour by a co-worker who’s gone to him for over 20 years. I absolutely love this doctor and his staff. Dr. Mansour is so caring and even called me at home to check-up on my “Baby” Buster. I commute 30 miles each way to have my dog treated there and this hospital is worth the trip.

We have taken our pets to them for over 15 years. They have always done well by us. My husband had to put down his dog and Dr. Mansour stayed with him almost all day to comfort him.

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